We’re not referring to your homeowner’s coverage, nor are we questioning your hospitality. Instead, we are hoping to draw your attention to the biggest door to your house as well as a security issue of which you may not be aware. The door in question is your garage door. Many of us use the garage door and its convenient remote access as the primary means to enter our home. In most cases, many of us leave the pedestrian door from the garage into the house unlocked. If the garage door is shut and sealed tight no one could possibly get in, right? Wrong!

Most garage door manufacturers provide for thousands of garage door remote control frequencies which make it almost impossible to decode. But, they don’t necessarily set these remotes at random at the time they are manufactured. In other words, it would not be unusual to buy a popular brand of garage door remote that would be able to open other doors in your subdivision. A lot of crime has occurred by just this method.

What can you do to protect yourself and your home? Read your owner’s manual and reset the frequency code on your garage door opener and its control units. Although not a 100% guarantee, it will significantly reduce the potential unauthorized or accidental openings. As an added security measure, you may want to get in the habit of securing the pedestrian door as well.