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Automobile Accidents… Who’s at Fault?

Determining who is legally responsible for an automobile accident requires an investigation that identifies the negligent driver. While most of us would agree that a few facts about the accident and some common sense should come together to identify the negligent driver, the reality is that some accidents are often very complex and proving negligence [...]

Why You Need Uninsured Motorists Coverage

Uninsured motorists (UM) coverage provides insurance protection for bodily injury, and in some states property damage, caused by a motorist who is not insured. This coverage allows you to collect from your own insurance company as if it provided liability coverage for the negligent and uninsured driver. In contrast, underinsured motorists (UIM) coverage provides insurance [...]

Reducing Auto Insurance Fraud

The insurance industry calculates that property and casualty insurance fraud costs our society over $30 billion annually. According to some estimates, this insurance fraud adds about $200 to $300 annually to total insurance premiums for the average household. Auto insurance fraud ac­counts for a large segment of these losses, which are ultimately passed on to [...]

Pursue Those Auto Insurance Discounts

One way to avoid paying too much for your personal automobile insurance is to assure you are getting all the discounts you deserve. The following are discounts you should inquire about. Some may not be available in all states and from all insurers, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. These discounts may significantly affect your [...]

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