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Ordinance or Law Coverage

Condominium Associations are required by their governing documents to insure their common area property which for almost all associations includes buildings.  Property Insurance is the insurance coverage used to insure structures against many types of losses including fire, windstorm, hail, etc. A very prominent exclusion in the Property Insurance coverage form is the Ordinance Or [...]

Automobile Accidents… Who’s at Fault?

Determining who is legally responsible for an automobile accident requires an investigation that identifies the negligent driver. While most of us would agree that a few facts about the accident and some common sense should come together to identify the negligent driver, the reality is that some accidents are often very complex and proving negligence [...]

Why Purchasing a Personal Umbrella Policy is a Wise Decision

One of the most important insurance policies you can buy is the personal umbrella policy, but many people are unaware they need one. This policy provides high limits of liability to protect you against a catastrophic liability loss. It pays after your homeowners or personal auto policies’ limits have been exhausted. For example, a major [...]

Top 10 Contractor Hiring Tips for Homeowners

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Properly maintaining your home is a key factor in the retention and growth of its value. This factor is one reason why it is important to hire high­ly qualified contractors when making major repairs or renovations to your home. The following 10 key rules should be followed [...]

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